Hiring Network Engineer


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  • Contract, Remote, Consulting
  • Negotiable
  • Hardware / Server and IT
  • Tehran
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  • Degree Level:   Bachelor's Degree ، Master's Degree ، Doctorate
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  • The ideal candidate will have experience working with different transportation methods including (but not limited to) truck fleets. 


DCG Lab is looking for a logistical manager for a large scale logistical operation project. This international project will offer opportunities to grow, gain experience, and involves potential travel or relocation, depending on the candidate and client's mutual decision. This job is remote.

معرفی دلتالب

  • The success of any company very much depends on the level of understanding of its customers. However, customers will never reveal all they feel and like, and therefore their insights to be decoded for further considerations and concept improvements. DCG Lab specializes in consumer research that reveals the emotional dynamics of consumer behavior.  

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