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Hiring Senior Compensation and Benefits Specialist

پیگیری قطعی

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Bachelor's Degree
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Age Range
25 to 40 years

Job Description / Tasks


We are seeking a highly skilled senior Compensation and Benefits Specialist to oversee and administer our company's compensation and benefits packages. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in human resources, compensation, and benefits management. The goal is to attract, retain, and motivate high-quality employees while reducing turnover and enhancing our company's profile as a best place to work.

Requirements / Skills

  • Design and implement comprehensive compensation and benefits programs, ensuring they are competitive, cost-effective, and aligned with industry standards and company objectives.

  •  Conduct job evaluations and market analysis to determine appropriate salary ranges and benefits packages for various positions within the organization.

  • Manage the administration of employee benefits programs, including health insurance and other voluntary benefits.

  •  Stay updated on relevant legislation, regulations, and trends related to compensation and benefits, and ensure compliance with all legal requirements.

  • Provide guidance and support to HR team members and managers regarding compensation and benefits-related matters.

  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date records and documentation related to compensation and benefits programs.

  •  Answer employees’ queries about HR-related issues.

  •  Maintain HR data tools, reporting, and dashboards.

  • Participate in salary and labor market surveys to determine prevailing pay rates and benefits.

  •  Conduct ongoing research into emerging trends, issues, and best practices

  • Conduct periodic audits and prepare reports.

  • Streamlining payroll operations and addressing employee inquiries to improve efficiency.


  • Strong quantitative and analytical skills.

  • BS degree in human resources, business administration, or finance.

  • Experience in payroll processing and management.

  • Proven experience with end-to-end payroll processing, compliance, and reporting.

  • In-depth knowledge of payroll regulations, tax laws, and compliance requirements.

  • Proficiency in using Rahkaran System and Excel and MS Office.

  • Familiar with labor administration rules, shift, and attendance.

Introduction دکترنکست
  •  دکترنکست، زیر مجموعه هلدینگ بزرگ توشا است. هلدینگ توشا که برند معتبر "علی بابا" را در کارنامه خود دارد، اکنون با تمرکز بر روی دکترنکست، در حال توسعه پلتفرم هوشمند و یکپارچه پرونده الکترونیک پزشکی بر بستر وب برای استفاده بیماران و پزشکان است. دکترنکست به پشتوانه تیم خلاق و توانمند خود، حضور و همراهی ارزشمند هزاران پزشک و متخصص و اعتماد مخاطبین خود توانسته تاثیرات بسیار ویژه‌ای در افزایش کیفیت و سرعت پروسه ویزیت، درمان و… داشته باشد. حضور متخصصین پزشکی، داروسازی، فناوری اطلاعات و… در تیم دکترنکست باعث شده تا امکان ارائه پیشرفته‌ترین خدمات سلامت الکترونیک به پزشکان و بیماران فراهم شود. هدف دکترنکست افزایش سطح سلامت ایران و کاهش بار بیماری‌ها است. 

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