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تهران | ونک، ملاصدرا، شیراز شمالی، زاینده رود غربی، پلاک ۱۶

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ASYN Steel Engineering is a plant-building, equipment supplier and engineering service provider in the field of iron and steel industry. ASYN supplies conceptual design as well as basic and detail engineering in the field of gas based direct reduction, EAF steel making and also cryogenic air separation, water treatment and fume treatment plant as the utility plants. ASYN formulates solutions and provides professional advice in the mechanical, piping, process, electrical and automation/control disciplines. It has the competence and know-how to help customers solve their technical problems with cooperation during the various stages of a project with surveys, verifications, feasibility studies, planning, engineering, procurement, supervision to erection and commissioning, etc. ASYN mission is to provide high quality technical services and equipment to address customer’s issues related to the engineering and help to meet commercial/production planning, and optimization objectives.

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