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Job Description / Tasks

About Us:

DR.NEXT is a leading provider of online health services, dedicated to revolutionizing the healthcare industry through innovative digital solutions. We offer a comprehensive platform connecting patients with healthcare providers, delivering convenience, accessibility, and quality care.

Job Description:

As a Business Development Manager specializing in the medical equipment marketplace at DR.NEXT, you will play a pivotal role in expanding our reach and enhancing our offerings within the healthcare industry. Leveraging your expertise in the medical equipment market, digital wallet technologies, trade marketing strategies, and strong negotiation and sales skills, you will drive the growth of our medical equipment marketplace segment.

Key Responsibilities:

1.Market Analysis and Strategy Development:

  • Conduct thorough market research and analysis to identify opportunities and trends in the dental equipment market.

  • Develop strategic plans and initiatives to penetrate and expand our presence in the medical equipment marketplace.

2.Business Development:

  • Cultivate and nurture relationships with suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors of medical equipment, particularly in the dental sector.

  • Identify potential partnership opportunities and negotiate favorable terms and agreements.

  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure seamless integration of new products and services into the DR.NEXT platform.

3.Digital Wallet Integration:

  • Utilize knowledge of digital wallet technologies to streamline payment processes within the medical equipment marketplace.

  • Collaborate with technical teams to integrate digital wallet functionalities into our platform, ensuring a seamless user experience.

4.Trade Marketing:

  • Develop and execute trade marketing strategies to promote DR.NEXT's medical equipment marketplace.

  • Create compelling marketing collateral, presentations, and campaigns to showcase our offerings and attract potential partners and customers.

5.Sales and Negotiation:

  • Drive sales growth by proactively identifying and pursuing opportunities for revenue generation.

  • Lead negotiations with suppliers and partners to secure favorable pricing, terms, and contracts.

Requirements / Skills


  • Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Marketing, or a related field (Master's degree preferred).

  • Proven experience in business development, preferably in the healthcare or medical equipment industry.

  • In-depth knowledge of the dental equipment market and industry trends.

  • Familiarity with digital wallet technologies and their application in e-commerce platforms.

  • Strong understanding of trade marketing principles and strategies.

  • Exceptional negotiation and sales skills, with a track record of achieving and exceeding targets.

  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, and relationship-building abilities.

  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic environment and drive results independently.

Introduction دکترنکست
  •  دکترنکست، زیر مجموعه هلدینگ بزرگ توشا است. هلدینگ توشا که برند معتبر "علی بابا" را در کارنامه خود دارد، اکنون با تمرکز بر روی دکترنکست، در حال توسعه پلتفرم هوشمند و یکپارچه پرونده الکترونیک پزشکی بر بستر وب برای استفاده بیماران و پزشکان است. دکترنکست به پشتوانه تیم خلاق و توانمند خود، حضور و همراهی ارزشمند هزاران پزشک و متخصص و اعتماد مخاطبین خود توانسته تاثیرات بسیار ویژه‌ای در افزایش کیفیت و سرعت پروسه ویزیت، درمان و… داشته باشد. حضور متخصصین پزشکی، داروسازی، فناوری اطلاعات و… در تیم دکترنکست باعث شده تا امکان ارائه پیشرفته‌ترین خدمات سلامت الکترونیک به پزشکان و بیماران فراهم شود. هدف دکترنکست افزایش سطح سلامت ایران و کاهش بار بیماری‌ها است. 

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