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Cafe Bazaar

Job Opportunity : Recruiter ( Expired )

Company : Cafe Bazaar


Seniority Level:



Job Category:

HR - Training


Job Type:

Full Time

Salary :


Tehran | سعادت‌آباد، میدان فرهنگ، پیوند دوم، پلاک ۸


Degree Level

Bachelor's degree Master's Degree

Age Range

35 To 25 Year


No Difference


Between 2 and 5 years In related

Ability to handle customer relationship management, provide strong customer consultative skills and work in a large team environment.

Attention to details and the ability to prioritize and work well in an environment with competing demands.

Ideal candidate would possess high energy, be highly motivated and self directed. Ability to work in a team environment with a high sense of urgency.

Excellent verbal and written communication skills with an emphasis on tact and diplomacy. In addition, teamwork skills are a must along with the ability to grasp new technologies.

Experience with recruiting information/applicant tracking systems a plus.


80% Complete

Soft Skills

Customer Orientation

Team work

Communications skill

Strategic thinking





Cafebazaar is hiring some of the best minds around and we need the best recruiting minds to match our business needs. You will develop, drive, and execute on the staffing strategies for our largest demand in non-technical hiring.

Implement staffing strategies to provide a qualified and diverse candidate pool. Ensure hiring manager and team preparedness during the interview process and that interviews are conducted efficiently and professionally. Interface to negotiate and exchange information with all levels of management.

Manage candidate process and act as a candidate advocate. Evaluate skill level, manage offer process, including reference checks, salary recommendations, offer letter generation and offer acceptance/declines. Negotiate offers by partnering with hiring manager, senior management, and other groups as necessary.

Responsible for sourcing candidates through networking, internet postings, university relations, etc. Mentor and provide guidance and direction to recruiting coordinators.

Passion for improving the customer experience with customers broadly defined as candidates, new hires, hiring managers and recruiters. Continuous follow-up with clients to confirm staffing plans and candidates needs are met.

Compile and update reports for job openings, hires and post-hire summaries for hiring managers.

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About Company

برنامه‌ی «بازار» یک بستر ارائه‌ی برنامه‌ها و بازی‌های اندرویدی در ایران است که از سوی شرکت آوای همراه هوشمند هزاردستان توسعه یافته و در مالکیت «گروه توسعه فناوری اطلاعات هزاردستان» قرار دارد. کافه‌بازار در بهمن ۱۳۸۹ به همت جمعی از فارغ‌التحصیلان و دانشجویان دانشگاه صنعتی شریف شکل گرفت و از آن زمان تاکنون، با بهره‌مندی از همکاری متخصصان و توسعه‌دهندگان مشتاق و مستعد ایرانی، کوشیده است بستر جامعی از خدمات و محصولات دیجیتال را برای کاربران اندرویدی فراهم کند.

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