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Hiring Digital Marketing Specialist

پیگیری قطعی

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Our client is a significant one. We are looking for an ambitious digital marketing specialist for the continuous professionalization of S-commerce activities.


  • Conception and support of the internal and external brand presence, especially via new media.

  • Further development of the internal communication system and website support.

  • Content Maintenance of the communication channels you have set up such as LinkedIn, Facebook,...

  • Design, conception, and layout of the website as well as the creation of printed matter.

  • Elaboration and implementation of sales promotion measures.

  • Optimization of the digital sales channels.

  • Portfolio management in the online shop.

  • On-site marketing/preparation of product topics.

  • Online marketing management.

  • Internal / cross-departmental and external communication.

  • Analysis of data and logistics flows.

  • Participation in projects.


  • Professional practice in the field of e-commerce / online marketing.

  • Experience with sales on digital marketplaces and the associated systems.

  • Routine handling of content management and online shop systems.

  • Knowledge of common image editing programs.

  • Passion for online and social media.

  • Know-how in the field of SEM and Google Ads / Google Analytics

  • Knowledge and understanding of the logic of building websites (HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Photoshop, InDesign, and CMS).

  • High IT affinity, text security,   analytical skills, and technical understanding are an advantage.

  • High customer orientation and service mentality.

  • graphic flair and a sense of language.

  • independent, creative, and independent way of working.

  • communicative, team-minded, dynamic personality.

  • good knowledge of English.



  • Flexible working hours.

  • Work Remotely.

  • Experiencing a pioneer and first-mover first-hand challenges.

  • A dynamic working environment with a culture that is friendly, human-driven, innovative, and performance-oriented.

  • Cooperating with a globally trendy business, addressing an untouched market in Iran. 

Introduction کیمیا ماندگار دانش و اندیشه (کمدا)

  • کمدا تیمی خلاق و صمیمی، با دغدغه‌های محیط زیستی و ضدمصرف‌گرا فعالیت‌مون رو از بهمن ۱۳۹۵ در شیراز شروع کردیم. اون زمان که کارهامون محدود به شیراز بود، آفیس شیراز رو داشتیم که یه گاراژِ قدیمی و بازسازی شده است. بعدش که توی کل ایران گسترده شدیم و بچه‌های تیم توی شهر‌های مختلف هم اضافه شدن، در کنار کُمُجا قدیم و جدید در شیراز فعالیتمون رو بصورت دورکاری ادامه میدیم.از بهار سال ۱۳۹۹ دیجی‌کالا به عنوان کمک خلبان کمدا «انتخاب» شد و الان که در حال گسترش دپارتمان‌های مختلف هستیم ترجیح‌مون اینه هدکوارتر شیراز بمونه که از لندن و پاریس و آتن هم بیشتر دوستش داریم. خلاصه که الان هم برای بزرگ‌تر شدن تیم‌مون از کل ایران و حتی مریخ (با تشکر از ایلان جان) به صورت ریموت برای همکاری استقبال می‌کنیم.

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