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مهندسین مشاور پهنه نگار تهران

One Month ago

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    • Generating information and insights from data sets and identifying trends and patterns, finding answers to specific questions, Assessing quality of data.
    • Experience in applying advanced analytical and statistical methods in the commercial world.
    • Fluent in SQL and Python
    • Excellent communication and presentation skills and experience using business intelligence tools (e.g. Tableau).
    • Strong problem solving skills with an emphasis on product development.
    • Experience with any of the following will be highly regarded
    • Familiarity with a range of predictive modelling and machine learning techniques (feature engineering, regression, classification, cross validation, bootstrapping, Bayesian techniques etc.)
    • Knowledge of AWS ecosystem including: S3, EC2, Sagemaker, EMR
    • Familiar with ETL principles, data pipelines and orchestration using Airflow, AWS Glue or DBT
    • Familiar with Spark application development.
    •  Education in Computer Science / Engineering or Mathematics / Statistics and Any other technical field.


As part of the team Group, you’ll have the opportunity to work with all our areas to design data solutions
across all aspects of our property ecosystem.
What we’re after:
● You can easily work in collaboration with other data scientists, product managers and product
analysts to understand data needs and translate these requirements into actionable data products
/ assets;
● Enable smarter business processes and implement analytics for meaningful insights;
● You can develop and review code written in Python and SQL;
● You’re at ease working with data, at the detail, and conceptually;
● Present information using data visualisation techniques;
● Communicate finding to all stakeholders within the business;
● Ability to multi-task with a focus on effective time management.
● You have a passion for product and believe data is the key element to support innovation and
● You are proactive, creative and entrepreneurial;

معرفی مهندسین مشاور پهنه نگار تهران

  • شرکت مهندسین مشاور پهنه نگار تهران، درسال ۱۳۷۸ بر پایه سه اصل تجربه،نوآوری و تعهد و باهدف کاربردی نمودن سیستم اطلاعات جغرافیایی ،سیستم های تعیین موقعیت و سنجش از دور با استفاده از سیستم های نوین و کار آمد انفورماتیکی، تاسیس گردید. این در حالی است که مجموعه کارشناسی شرکت با دارا بودن تجربه کاری با میانگین ۲۰ ساله، در امور اجرایی،تحقیقاتی و پژوهشی کشور در حال فعالیت بوده اندو با استفاده از تجارب کشورهای پیشرفته، این شرکت ضمن بهره گیری از همکاران و مشاوران مختلف، دارای یک تیم تخصصی با تجربه کاری مرتبط در کشور کانادا می­باشدو با استقرار یکی از اعضای اصلی شرکت در آن کشور، باعث انسجام وکارایی بالا بمنظور بکارگیری پروژه های موفق در داخل کشورگردیده است.

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