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Hiring Associate Product Manager

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Job Description / Tasks

The Product Manager will manage a portfolio of assets and their responsibilities will include:

  • Working with product stakeholders to create and maintain a roadmap and a backlog of user stories as well as participate in quarterly business reviews and implementation retrospectives

  • Leading release planning efforts including release schedule, grooming, cutover/deployment readiness, and document reviews

  • Participating in planning and execution including daily standups, weekly business reviews

  • Communicating product criteria and requirement with technical team.

  • Answering incoming questions about the product and its capabilities.

Requirements / Skills

  • Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or Business Information Technology 

  • Ability to help design and build applications

  • Write clear and concise user stories with clear acceptance criteria

  • Work with business stakeholders and UI/UX designers to clarify requirements and create a release plan

  • Demonstrated knowledge of scrum and agile process development

  • 2+ years of experience in project management and organizational skills - must be able to multi-task and juggle multiple priorities

  • 2+ years of experience at a company developing software, and 1+ years of experience in a similar role

  • Comfortable working in a collaborative, physical/virtual environment, providing and accepting continuous feedback and support.

  • familiar with web applications development, DDD, and microservice architecture.

  • Excellent writing skills, ability to communicate effectively with technical and non-technical teams and attention to detail and quality

  • Familiarity with JIRA for managing user stories and agile release cycles

  • Strong sense of ownership and passion for technology

Introduction رابکس

  • سفر پر چالش پیش‌روی رابکس، همسفرانی خلاق، با استعداد، پرشور و فعال می‌خواهد؛ در مسیرهای زیر همسفر ما باشید!

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