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وظایف و مسٔولیت ها

• Position reporting to: Export Manager

• To identify new business opportunities by tapping potential customers from the different countries;

• To visit and carry out outgoing preliminary market researches in the target markets;

• To analyze the market information;

• To propose to the Export Manager marketing plan and sales activities in the target markets;

• To collect the orders from the customers and arrange and supervise their performance from manufacturing stage to the final delivery to the customer according to the agreement;

• To constantly cooperate with the customers and assist them to achieve sales targets;

• To issue export documentation and certificates;

• To attend trade shows and exhibitions;

• Number of Staff to be recruited in this position: 2

• Job Location: Tehran

• Job Duration: Permanent Position

• Desired start date: ASAP

• Probation Period: 3 months

• Working hours: 8am _ 17 pm (Sat _ Tue)

• Travel requirements: Willingness and ability to travel abroad frequently

درباره شرکت

Alborz Steel Industries (Private Joint Stock Company), the leading manufacturer of Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks in the middle east, established in 1992. The company began with an annual capacity 36,000 sinks and today it's our proud that with more than 350 employees are able to produce 1,000,000 sink pieces in more than 100 different models per year.

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