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Job Description / Tasks

Sabaidea Holding is the owner of some of the most popular Iranian online services including Aparat, Filimo & CinemaTicket. Equipped with experience and updated technologies, Sabaidea is currently serving millions of users and attempts to provide them with a superior user experience. 

We are seeking an PMO (Project Management Office Specialist) to join our Strategy Department on a full-time basis. This role will be responsible for assisting key stakeholders in promoting an outcome-based mindset and a continuous improvement culture via OKR framework and other Operational Excellence initiatives. The Operational Excellence expert will constantly challenge business process norms and assisting leadership to achieve a higher level of performance and optimal results. 
To achieve OKR engagement goals, the candidate will support the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) framework, empower and support Operations in change capability and management methodology, and proactively develop strategic learning and development solutions as needed. 
The candidate for the role must be extremely organized, communicate and collaborate well with all management levels, and stay mindful of operational excellence trends and best practices across industries. 


  • Primary engagement in Strategic Alignment relating to the Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) program including, but not limited to: 

  • educating team leads on the value and purpose of the OKR framework

  • setting the quarterly OKR Alignment Cycle and executing on the related plan

  • consistently working to ensure complete transparency regarding the prioritization, progress, and direction of the program

  • ensuring OKR team leads execute plans across all phases of planning, alignment, launch, and ongoing continual improvement

  • redefining the OKR program and management of milestones and timelines as needed to accommodate an ever-changing and fast-paced environment

  • Execute OKR alignment by facilitating and coordinating collaborative OKR workshops when/where applicable

  • Promote cross-collaboration across Operations (service lines) to achieve the objectives

  • Be a catalyst for change and facilitate impactful and continuous improvements across operations in alignment with strategic objectives and expectations from stakeholders

  • Strengthen organizational effectiveness through educating teams on the benefits of diverse styles and perspectives, as well as communicate evolving standards and best practices

  • Consult with leaders and committees to address root causes of organizational effectiveness issues using a systematic approach; Develop and deliver learning and organizational development solutions as needed to all levels 

  • Analyze policies, systems, data, operational structure, organizational relationships as needed

Requirements / Skills

Required Qualifications:

  • OKR Knowledge of 3-5 years with experience leading OKR processes

  • Excellent team dynamics skills with ability to work with teams and identify opportunities for process improvements and innovation

  • Ability to challenge current state and motivate to improve the business; strong ability to influence without authority at all levels of the organization

  • Experience in implementing and evaluating strategies to align services to achieve the utmost efficiency and effectiveness

  • Comfort with ambiguity and prioritization shifts

  • Flexibility and ability to assimilate new knowledge and standards quickly

  • Excellent communication, listening skills, and emotional intelligence

Introduction صباایده

  • داستان صباایده از سال ۱۳۸۳ با ۳ نفر که سرمایه‌شان دانش و امید بود در یک ایوان، رو به حیاطی باصفا آغاز شد؛ آغازی که در همان ابتدا با آرزوهایی بزرگ همراه بود. پس از ماه‌ها تلاش‌ و سعی و خطا، گام اول به راه‌اندازی شبکه‌ی اجتماعی کلوب ختم شد؛ محصولی که در زمان خود از معدود بسترهای اینترنتی انتشار محتوا، افکار و عقاید برای فارسی‌زبانان به شمار می‌رفت. بعدها تکاپویی دیگر و تلاشی دیگر در گرفت؛ تلاشی که در طول سال‌ها به تولد صباویژن، به عنوان یکی از اصلی‌ترین آژانس‌های تبلیغات اینترنتی کشور منجر شد. گروه که حالا بزرگ‌تر شده بود، با هدف تکرار موفقیت سرویس‌های اینترنتی پرکاربر بین‌المللی در ایران و گسترش زمینه‌ی فعالیت خود، دوباره به جنب و جوش افتاد: میهن‌بلاگ خریداری شد و با تلاش‌های بی‌وقفه و پرشور، به یکی از پرمخاطب‌ترین سرویس وبلاگ‌نویسی کشور تبدیل شد. در سال ۱۳۸۹ و در جریان بررسی امکان افزودن ویدیو در بستر کلوب، با بررسی پتانسیل‌های بالای ویدیوی آنلاین، ایده‌ی ایجاد یک سامانه‌ی اشتراک‌گذاری ویدیو بصورت مستقل قوت گرفته و بدین صورت سرویس آپارات شکل گرفت. در سال ۱۳۹۲ لنزور با هدف ایجاد یک شبکه‌ی اجتماعی مبتنی بر عکس متولد شد و در آخرین گام صباایده تا به امروز در راستای ایجاد یک سرویس موفق اینترنتی، سامانه‌ی نمایش درخواستی آنلاین فیلیمو شروع به کار نمود.

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