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Saba Docharkh

Job Opportunity : Foreign Commercial Expert ( One Month ago )

Company : Saba Docharkh


Seniority Level:



Job Category:

Purchasing & Procurement


Job Type:

Full Time

Salary :


Tehran | Tehran, Africa Express Way (Jordan), Anahita St, No 13


Degree Level

Bachelor's degree Master's Degree

Age Range

43 To 29 Year




Between 5 and 7 years In same kind of role

- Fluency in English to conduct foreign meetings held in English

- Background in logistics (shipment, custom clearance ...) having communicated directly with forwarders

- Very high level of accuracy due to the detailed nature of the work

- Punctuality and time management: Someone who doesn't need to be followed up by senior managers and instead can report before a follow up comes due


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60 % Complete
80 % Complete
60 % Complete
80% Complete

Soft Skills

Communications skill


Problem-solving and decision-making

Customer Orientation


Creativity and innovation

Team work

Conflict Management


The commercial expert will also be responsible for logistics and shipping activities related to the product as well as for A-Z of the product, from sourcing & ordering the product, arranging for logistics, till receiving it in stock, on top of improving & developing the product for future orders.

Job Description:

- The main part of the commercial expert's role is foreign purchasing & placing very detailed orders with suppliers & closely monitoring the progress of these orders.

- Arranging for shipments and following up with forwarders until goods are received in our stocks

- He is required to develop these order forms by analyzing which and how many parts are required for each product model.

- He is required to organize shipments and related activities up to customs clearance

- He will also be working closely with the senior product manager in creating & designing new models based on the market research he/she has conducted.

- Conducting market analysis, based on available competitive products, prices, quality and reporting his findings to the senior product manager.

- Being able to advise the company, how to shape future orders, what to add to product range, what to amend or eliminate from current product range. The main role, which constitutes of foreign order processing, requires a very high level of accuracy and precision due to the details involved for each and every part and model.

شروع کنید (ارسال رزومه)

About Company

Saba Docharkh, is the pioneer and oldest company in the bicycle field. It is the sole representative of many high quality brands, for bicycles and cycling accessories with a 98 year old history in the cycling business. Some of which are Scott, Gitane, Raleigh and Shimano. The company is very customer focused and has strived to provide cyclists with the highest quality at lowest cost possible.

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