NESHA Consulting engineers

Job Opportunity : IT administrator ( One Month ago )

Company : NESHA Consulting engineers


Seniority Level:

Fresh Graduate , Expert


Job Category:

Hardware / Server and IT


Job Type:

Full Time


Salary :

20,000,000 To 30,000,000 IRR

Tehran | No 43, Afshar Javan St, North Sohrevardi


Field of Study

Degree Level

Associate's degree Bachelor's degree Master's Degree

Age Range

30 To 20 Year


No Difference


Less than 2 years


60 % Complete
Computer Hardware
80 % Complete
Computer software
80 % Complete
Problem Solving
100 % Complete
Cloud Computing
40 % Complete
Network and server
80 % Complete
60% Complete

Soft Skills

Communications skill


Problem-solving and decision-making

Team work



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About Company

Negin Shahr Ayandeh consultants was founded in May 2001 by three young academic architects. After 18 years, with the aim of developing a dynamic, flexible and friendly working environment, the firm has grown to a team of young people consisting of managers, coordinators, urban planners, urban designers, architects, interior designers, landscape architects, sociologists, environmentalists, graphic designers, drafters, administration, services and interns. In this regard, collaboration with multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary experts was considered a high priority. Today Negin Shahr Ayandeh is responsible for envisioning the future by providing creative design solutions, improving people’s quality of life and protecting our environment. Also the firm has successfully designed and executed works for clients ranging from large real estate developers, municipal and public sectors to small-scale private sectors in diverse contexts such as project management, urban planning and design, landscape design, interior design and Interdisciplinary projects.

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