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Hiring Node.js Developer Specialist

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We are a thriving company with a vast range of car sales industry with multiple IT productions for facilitating smart and efficient e-commerce.
There is an immediate need for a Node.js developer with a background of some other skills such as enterprise scale issue handling and general MSA conception and at least two years of experience in his/her resume.
Required Skills and experience and knowledge areas:
Skilled in Node.js development including modular and dynamic programming and Restful API development
Skilled in Node.js frameworks and libraries such as Express.js
Skilled in multiple Database usage and integration such as MySQL and MongoDB
Skilled in Git flow and best practices
Skilled in Socket programming and its tools such as
Experience in caching systems such as Redis
Experience in massaging systems such as RabbitMQ
Overall familiarity with micro-service systems implementations
Advantage Skills and experience and knowledge areas:
Containerized development
Micro service based scale up planning and implementation skills
Code level integration with monitoring tools
Overall conception of common security issues and their solutions as a major skill
Overall conception of Sass / HTML5 / CSS3 development
Being flexible, open to suggestions and strongly enthusiastic to learn

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