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Hiring Senior Graphic Designer

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Job Description / Tasks

Karnameh is looking for a bright, highly motivated, creative, who enjoys working in a fast-paced environment and loves the challenge of building a strong brand through different channels. You will cooperate with a creative team to produce the artwork. The goal is to translate brand and marketing strategies into effective and impressive content and campaigns that stimulate targeted audiences and achieve business goals. Design and edit artwork and advertisement campaigns material
 Design and implement graphic content on social networks
 Select fonts, colors, shapes, designs, styles, and project layouts 
Produce effective Motion Graphic content for social networks 
Meet with team members to determine the requirements and vision of the design elements
 Create a wide range of graphics and layouts 
Create and design art deliverables aligned with brand guidelines and marketing briefs 
Attend special training and develop relevant knowledge and skills in all areas of responsibility as approved by your supervisor

Requirements / Skills

Fluent in Adobe Creative Suite (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects)
At least 3 years of relevant experience
 Communication and Teamwork skills
 Flexibility and self-motivation
 Thinking creatively to produce new ideas and concepts
Knowledge about offline and online advertising campaigns
Ability to be up to date with the latest design standards and related software
 Strong ability to organize and work on multiple tasks simultaneously
 Responsible and accurate with an attention to detail
 A strong eye for visual composition

Introduction کارنامه

  • کارنامه به عنوان همکار رسمی دیوار، برای ارائه خدمات بهتر و بیشتر به افرادی که قصد فروش و خرید خودروهای نو و دست دوم را دارند، در فضای آنلاین خدمات کارشناسی خودرو و مشاورهٔ قیمت ارائه می‌کند.
    با بهره‌گیری از تیمی حرفه‌ای، مجموعه کارنامه پیوسته تلاش می‌کند تا با ارائه خدماتی نوآورانه و خلاق، ضمن ایجاد بستری امن و مطمئن، بهترین تجربه خرید را برای فروشندگان و خریداران خودرو به ارمغان آورد.

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