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Age Range
25 to 50 years

Job Description / Tasks

In GMTII, we have some software products developed by C++. Using the C ++ programming language, you will participate in the design, development and maintenance of cross-platform software components used by top government agencies and large-scale private sector companies for (but not limited to) Video streaming/Video Surveillance Management Systems.

We have 3 job titles matching this profile. “Server Side”, “Client Side” and “AI (Artificial Intelligence)” are the mentioned titles which you can apply for one or combination of them.


  • Promote, maintain and improve the quality of existing code;

  • Encourage and create unit tests and integration tests;

  • Stimulate the development of sample applications that demonstrate the use of new features;

  • Collaborate with the product manager to fully understand customer requirements;

Requirements / Skills

General Requirements:

  • Solid experience programming in C++ 11/14/17;

  • Experienced with Qt;

  • Experienced in cmake and qmake build systems;

  • Good knowledge of databases, SQL and SQLite;

  • Advanced knowledge of modern multimedia technologies, including streaming protocols (RTP, RTMP, HLS, MPEG-DASH, etc.), recording file formats (MP4, AVI, MPEG-TS, etc.);

  • Strong hands-on experience working with FFmpeg library or similar media processing frameworks;

  • Develop products within an Agile and OOP environment;

  • RestAPI, socket programming, WebSocket;

  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills;

  • Experience in debugging real-time scenarios and in multi-threaded environments;

  • Ability to develop multi-platform libraries (Windows/Linux/MacOS);

  • Great experience on documentation;

  • Operational experience with Git;

Expected personal characteristics:

We expect the following personality traits from this position:

  • Team player

  • Problem solving skills and attraction

  • Personal improvement desire

Preferred Experience:

For each job title, we need different experience as below:

Server Side:

  • Experience in C and Bash scripting;

  • Experience in designing and developing server applications;

  • Experience with the following: multi-threading, socket programming, shared memory, lock-free programming, web services, web-based REST APIs;

  • Ability and experience in the optimal use of consumable resources (RAM, Hard, CPU, …);

  • Solid technical background with understanding and or hands-on experience in video compression technology;

Client Side:

  • Ability to build Graphical User Interfaces using Qt framework;

  • Expertise with QML, Qt Quick, Javascript;

  • Experience developing applications for one or more of the following platforms: Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android;

  • Experience making user friendly installers for end users;

  • Ability to develop scalable UI for any screen size, high-dpi and multiple monitors;

  • Experience designing multilingual applications with modern UI themes;

Artificial Intelligence:

  • Knowledge of data structures, numerical optimization and algorithm complexity;

  • Experience in Image/Video processing and machine learning algorithms;

  • Experience with OpenCV, TensorFlow or other ML libraries;

  • Experience with Python and common image processing libraries;


  • Performance rewards (bonus)

  • Insurance

  • Flexible working hours

  • Warm lunch

  • Technical environment with possibility of career improvement 

Introduction موسسه دانش بنیان خدمات مدیریت و فناوری رشد قلمچی

  • GMTII is a Knowledge-Based Institute emerged in ۲۰۰۷ in order to develop up-to-date knowledge and applied technology in IRAN. Localization of different technologies in order to develop and generalize the level of services provided to compatriots and the progress of the country is the main goal of this institute. It also offers total solutions (along with its products and software) in the field of Video surveillance and processing.We are eager for development and progress every day, if you are too, we shake your hand for cooperation.

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