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AFTAB International

Job Opportunity : Digital Marketing Specialist ( One Month ago )

Company : AFTAB International


Seniority Level:

Expert , Experienced


Job Category:

Digital marketing-Produce content


Job Type:

Full Time

Salary :


Tehran | No. 3, 3rd Kouhestan Alley, Noubonyad Sq.


Degree Level

Bachelor's degree Master's Degree Doctorate

Age Range

36 To 20 Year


No Difference

Good research skills and strong writing skills in English.

Fast learner and highly motivated for learning new tools and skills.

Strong knowledge of key Social Media platforms and channels.

Experience in reputation monitoring.

Demonstrated experience in managing paid digital campaigns is a plus.

Experience with CMS tools is a plus.


Email Marketing
20 % Complete
Ms Word
100 % Complete
MS Excel
100 % Complete
Social Media Metrics
100 % Complete
Reporting Skills
80 % Complete
Web Analytics Tools
60 % Complete
SMS Marketing
40 % Complete
80% Complete

Soft Skills

Communications skill

Strategic thinking


Problem-solving and decision-making

Team work


Customer Orientation


Study client briefs and filter through complex customer requirements and break them down to practical, simple and technical tasks.

Liaise with partner marketing or management teams and manage key accounts.

Design, execute, manage and maintain SMS and Influencer Marketing campaigns.

Manage and maintain all social media channels, marketing campaigns and online events.

Plan, utilize and manage online advertising tools to optimize the performance of marketing campaigns and online events, according to business goals.

Monitor web traffic, performance and capacity of social media channels to identify, prevent and resolve issues.

Create analytics reports to share progress on all marketing campaigns and online events.

Leverage database management tools, segmentation, and reporting for marketing campaign and online events final results and evaluation.

شروع کنید (ارسال رزومه)

About Company

AFTAB International is integrated online commerce business serving Farsi speaking population in Iran and outside. It operates as the largest independent Farsi portal, which in 2015 was visited by 18 million unique users with 3.6 million unique users per month (MAU). The organic growth is 30%+ annually. By 2015 the company entered to the online travel services as natural expansion of its position in the market. The company is incorporated as Cyprus Limited Liability Company "Aftabint Holdings LTD" headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus and possesses operating entities in Cyprus and Iran. AFTAB International is operating integrated online business using its premium portal position and synergic effects between different online businesses in the following areas: - Online Portal selling advertisement in the form of banners, classified ads, promotions, video ads. - Online Travel site selling services to domestic & international passengers. - Marketplace, International & Cross-Border Commerce platform selling advertisement, online services to domestic & international clients. - Retail online commerce for consumers, selling goods & services for end consumers.

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