Hiring Senior Front-end Developer

راهکارهای متن اول آریا

4 Weeks ago


پیگیری قطعی

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  • Full Time
  • Negotiable
  • Programming
  • Tehran
  • Job position details
  • About company
  • Field of Study:  
  • Degree Level:   Bachelor's Degree
  • Gender:   No Difference
  • Age Range:   22 to 45 years
  • About First Source Arya Solutions

    First Source Arya Solutions is a software development company specialising in the global financial industry. We help our international clients grow their businesses with customer-centric products and services.

    First Source Arya Solutions is a work environment which is designed to foster personal and professional growth. A career at our company is an opportunity to make an impact in a fast-growing, global organisation.


    The team

    You will be part of our Front-end team. We build the client-side of our web applications by translating UI/UX design wireframes into a user-centric web experience. We work closely with the Back-end team to bridge the gap between the visual elements and server-side infrastructure to continuously innovate an engaging and pleasant user experience for our clients.


    The role

    We’re looking for a Senior Front-end Developer to be the backbone of the design and development phases of our applications. You will be responsible for guiding the team to create robust and customer-centric applications and websites with your strong technical front-end background.



    • Improve our user interface by developing new applications and interfaces, researching, and testing current web and mobile technologies.
    • Collaborate with the Back-end team to integrate server-side code with user-facing elements and work with designers to create easy-to-use, attractive products.
    • Troubleshoot complex technical issues to improve the speed, scalability, and usability of our products across all platforms.
    • Keep up with the latest developments in your field, including new JavaScript frameworks, libraries, and tools to make informed decisions.
    • Build front-end libraries and reusable components.
    • Document your work clearly and contribute to our style guide.


Minimum requirements

  • 3+ years of relevant experience
  • Extensive knowledge of front-end technologies, including JavaScript, CSS, and HTML
  • Extensive knowledge of various debugging and testing processes
  • Working experience with React library
  • Excellent spoken and written English communication skills


Preferred experience

  • Proficiency in advanced coding techniques and cross-platform development
  • Working knowledge of technologies such as MobX, Gatsby, WebSocket, and styled components
  • Working experience with GitHub
  • Understanding of UI/UX design processes
  • Working knowledge of open-source platforms like Linux
  • Familiarity with back-end technologies and processes


Perks and benefits

  • Growth-inducing challenges
  • Productive work atmosphere
  • Cooperation, support, and empowerment
  • Career progression opportunities
  • Competitive salary
  • Annual performance bonus
  • Health benefits



Negar Tower, Tehran

Soft Skills

  • Problem-solving and decision-making
  • Team work
  • Accountability

معرفی راهکارهای متن اول آریا

  • هدف ما در شرکت راهکارهای متن اول آریا، توسعه‌ی پیشرفته‌ترین راهکارهای نرم‌افزاری در زمینه خدمات مالی و متحول ساختن این صنعت در سرتاسر جهان است. همکاری با شرکت راهکارهای متن اول آریا، فرصتی را در اختیار شما می‌گذارد تا بتوانید نهایت توان و استعداد خود را به نمایش بگذارید. درمحیط پویای این شرکت که برای پیگیری، نوآوری و سخت کوشی ارزشی ویژه قائل است، شما ضمن مشارکت در طرح‌های متنوع، در مسیر رشد حرفه‌ای خود گام برمی دارید. رویارویی و غلبه بر چالش‌های جذاب و منحصر به فرد کاری را با ما تجربه کنید.

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