Infinity Galaxy

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درباره Infinity Galaxy

  • سایت:
  • سال تاسیس: ۱۳۹۲
  • تعداد نفرات: ۱۰ تا ۵۰ نفر
  • صنعت: نفت، گاز و پتروشیمی | تجارت و بازرگانی

Infinity Galaxy is an international export company since ۲۰۱۲, providing the best-quality petrochemicals, including all Bitumen grades, Base Oil and Recycled Base Oil, RPO, Paraffin Wax, Caustic Soda and Slack Wax.

تاریخچه و داستان رشد

Infinity Galaxy is renowned as a committed supplier of bitumen and petrochemicals with more than 10 years of experience. Since our mission is to assist our customers to have the best purchasing experience, we publish weekly market analyses for our clients to help them buy at the best time and condition. We will accompany you from the moment you place an order until you receive it to ensure you have a safe, prompt, and without any issue journey.


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