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Job Opportunity : Inbound Tours Executive ( One Month ago )

Company : Artin Travel


Seniority Level:

Fresh Graduate , Expert


Job Category:

Catering & Hospitality


Job Type:

Full Time , Internship

Salary :


Tehran | No. 12- 2nd East Al, North Sazman Barnameh St- kashani Blv- Tehran- Iran


Degree Level

Associate's degree Bachelor's degree Master's Degree

Age Range

35 To 24 Year




Being a good writer
100 % Complete
100% Complete

Soft Skills

Communications skill


Strategic thinking

Problem-solving and decision-making


Team work

Customer Orientation


Our Colleague as the inbound tours marketing and operation executive needs to be self-motivated, a perfect curious learner, passionate about the tourism industry and creative. There different categories of activities and tasks accordingly. you may find the main ones below.

1. Market analysis and development:

-Market research, targeting the potential markets

-Finding business partners

-Running B2B and B2C marketing campaigns

-Providing customized offers to business partners and potential customers via email, phone, and Whatsapp.

2. Inbound tours Operation:

- finding and reserving the most suitable hotels according the tour specifications

- Checking with the travel service providers such as cultural sites, restaurants, etc.

- reserving transportation services according to the tour specifications.

3. Social Media management and website updates:

- providing content for the website and social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and trip advisor

- Generating new ideas for the development of the business and company.

All in all, we need someone who is passionate and dedicated to invite all people from all over the globe to choose Iran as their next travel destination.

شروع کنید (ارسال رزومه)

About Company

Our passion is to make your dream of traveling to Persia come true as you experience the genuine Iranian hospitality legend while exploring Iran, the land of glory and beauties. As an innovative company with years of experience in Iran's tourism field at Artin travel co, we are dedicated to exceeding our customers' expectations offering a wide range of services. We offer what you really need while traveling including a variety of tour packages, hotel reservations, visa procedures, and transportation planning or even car rental. As many wish to plan their travel, our tailor-made tours are at different levels from budget to premium. Besides, the wide network of connections and professional engaging team enables us to be agile enough to respond to the last second inquiries. Our values Trustworthiness is our top priority. We also have always been committed to social responsibilities and tourism sustainability as well as continually improving the quality of our services.

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