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Hiring Business Analyst

پیگیری قطعی

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Job Description / Tasks

• responsible for implementing and supporting the company's business research. this person identifies and analyzes potential growth opportunities.

• conduct the necessary research to propose optimal decisions, taking into account the company's strategic direction.

• Her/his research will include the market and competitive landscape, dynamics, and future trends of health care businesses.

• Performs market and macroeconomic analysis and can proactively identify and analyze the problem and provide optimal solutions.

• Should perform bench marking researches of different business models in the international markets in related businesses.

• He/She should analyze and provide business case/plan for new ideas.

• Documentation and illustration of results in PowerPoint and Excel to report to managers is so critical in this role.



Requirements / Skills

• Having at least Bachelor degree.

• Should have excellent analytical, documentation and presentation skill.

• Good understanding of the Technology platform and ability to visualize the solution to address the business needs appropriately.

• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

• Strong analytical and problem solving skills.

• Proficiency in Office suite, specifically Excel.

• Strong passion about business models, technology, and data analysis.

• Ability and enthusiasm to work with data.

• Proficiency in understanding articles and other resources in English

Introduction دکترنکست

  •    دکترنکست به پشتوانه تیم خلاق و توانمند خود، حضور و همراهی ارزشمند هزاران پزشک و متخصص و اعتماد مخاطبین خود توانسته تاثیرات بسیار ویژه‌ای در افزایش کیفیت و سرعت پروسه ویزیت، درمان و… داشته باشد. حضور متخصصین پزشکی، داروسازی، فناوری اطلاعات و… در تیم دکترنکست باعث شده تا امکان ارائه پیشرفته‌ترین خدمات سلامت الکترونیک به پزشکان و بیماران فراهم شود. هدف دکترنکست افزایش سطح سلامت ایران و کاهش بار بیماری‌ها است.

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