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Hiring Java) Back-End Developer)

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Job Description

As an experienced member of our Software Engineering Group we look first and foremost for people who are passionate around solving business problems through innovation & engineering practices. You will be required to apply your depth of knowledge and expertise to all aspects of the software development lifecycle, as well as partner continuously with your many stakeholders on a daily basis to stay focused on common goals. We embrace a culture of experimentation and constantly strive for improvement and learning. You'll work in a collaborative, trusting, thought-provoking environment-one that encourages diversity of thought and creative solutions that are in the best interests of our customers.

At the scale our systems operate, this requires not only producing and using highly performant algorithms and data structures, but also solving complex problems involving microservice systems and emergent behavior of service-oriented architectures. You’ll engineer the services and infrastructure that connect millions of active AP users to wide variety of fintech services. You’ll collaborate with engineers, product managers, designers, and more in our office.

This role requires a wide variety of strengths and capabilities, including:

  • 4 years experience with development in Java.

  • Hands on experience working on Java Frameworks - gRPC.

  • Experience with JSON and XML, debugging, unit testing.

  • Experience with databases including Oracle or MSSQL, utilizing SQL, stored procedures, and schema design.

  • Enough experience on Spring boot and Spring cloud framework.

  • Efficient skill on Microservice design patterns.

  • Knowledge of industry wide technology trends and best practices.

  • Experience with cloud based technologies - Docker, Prometheus, Grafana, Graylog, Sentry.

  • Prior Experience with industry standard tools - Maven, GIT.

  • Strong analytics and problem solving skills.

  • We run high throughput, reliable services; our infrastructure receives millions of request per day and serves billions of API requests, all with an uptime in excess of 99.9%.

  • We love sharing knowledge and ideas. We regularly get together with the other AP engineering teams for tech talks.

Introduction تجارت آسان ساز نگین

  • شرکت آسان پرداخت (آپ) با هدف گسترش و تسهیل خدمات پرداخت الکترونیک در اردیبهشت سال ۸۸ تاسیس گردید. این شرکت بگونه ای طراحی شده تا با بکارگیری تجهیزات و ابزار به روز دنیا در برگیرنده طیف وسیعتری از انواع پرداخت الکترونیک باشد. آپ با عضویت در شاپرک و تحت نظارت بانک مرکزی، مجوز فعالیت در حوزه پرداختهای الکترونیک کشور در بسترهایی نظیر پایانه فروش (POS)، موبایل (USSD) و اینترنت(IPG) را کسب نموده است.

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