Job Opportunity : Data Scientist ( 2.5714285714286 Weeks ago )

Company : Digikala


Seniority Level:

Experienced , Mid-Level Management


Job Category:



Job Type:

Full Time

Salary :


Tehran | Ganhdi st


Degree Level

Bachelor's degree Master's Degree


No Difference

Strong knowledge of various Data Science disciplines including descriptive analytics, optimization, hypothesis testing, neural networks, statistic models, and machine learning

Great ability to identify and translate business and customer needs into data science projects

Ability to deliver data science projects from start to ends, such as idea generation, project definition, implementation, testing, and deployment

Self-sufficiency in big data technologies, such as Map Reduce, Spark and Hive


100 % Complete
NoSQL databases
60 % Complete

Soft Skills


Team work


Creativity and innovation


Have the ability to independently research, implement, test and deploy new data science and machine learning technologies

Partner with the Product Management team to drive requirements for new products and integrate data during product development

Innovate in order to create solutions for real-world problems

Discover areas of the customer experience and business that can be impacted by using AI and Machine Learning.

Work with customers’ data and model their behavior

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About Company

Digikala is a leading e-commerce brand, fast growing company and one of the very pioneers of Iranian online retailer which was established in 2006 and now is the most visited online store in Middle East with large market share of digital, home appliances, beauty and health, culture and art, sport & entertainment and mother and child products in Iran. Digikala based on its' creative and well-educated team is more than just an online retailer; it is a trust-able and reputable source of information in the scope of digital and electronic, home appliances, beauty and health, culture and art, sport and entertainment and mother and child reviews and content. Also, Digikala enriched its digital content when launched “Digikala TV” in 2011. Digikala TV is a free media that provides review, training and introduction videos about consumer in order to ease the process of choice and purchase. Mission of Digikala is producing and presenting online shopping services, raising awareness of the shoppers and creating equal shopping opportunities for shoppers from all over the country; in addition, providing a safe and secure sales platform of consumer products regarding above-standard user experience metrics.

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