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Job Opportunity : Digital Marketing Manager


Job Category:

Sales & Marketing


Job Type:

Full Time


Amount :

To ریال


Field of Study

Degree Level


Age Range

20 To 35 Year


No Difference


Analytics programs
60% Complete
60% Complete

Soft Skills

Communications skill

Strategic thinking





Creativity and innovation




Team work


1) Management and tracking of the marketing team and performance individually 2) Making monthly evaluation reports on individuals in the team 3) Updating the evaluation forms for each individual in the team based on different campaings 4) Fully aware of our tracking programs, supervising, controlling and maintenance of our analytics. 5) Weekly reports during campaigns, and monthly reports off campaigns of our analytics. 6) Creating, executing, evaluating and developing of a 6 month marketing plan. 7) Planning, executing, evaluating and analysing marketing campaigns.  8) Attending weekly scrum meetings on saturdays, and learning to run the scrum meetings by himself and setting trying to create a 3 day task basis system in scrums 9) Connecting with the outside enviroment and startup community in order to stay on top of trends and opportunities that can relate to marketing opportunities in any way possible. 10) Keeping and managerial and attitude with the mind set of motivating the marketing team to improve their performances. 11) Documenting, executing, evaluating and developing marketing workflows, campaign workflows, and other marketing practices that need implementation and development. 12) Management of the social media team, attending the scrum meetings on sundays with the social media team in order to plan, execute, evaluate, analyse and develop social media practices, campaigns, ongoing events, ... 13) Planning, executing, evaluating, analysing and development of email marketing campaigns and infrastructure.  14) Revising Peeyade and Segment, Target, Positioning and Voice. 15) On-going market research 

About Company

Peeyade is a media application introducing Tehran’s cultural and entertainment scene. In addition to serving as a daily news feed, Peeyade gives you the ability to see quality locations around you, purchase tickets for cultural events, and much more.

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