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Hiring Back-end Developer

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Job Description / Tasks

  • You’ll spend most of your time working with NodeJS, Python, Redis, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB.

  • You’ll write scalable code quickly and iteratively.

  • Analyze information and evaluate results to choose the best solution to effectively solve problems.

  • As a Software Developer in the Engineering Productivity organization, you'll use your software design, analysis, and programming skills to create innovative automated test systems.

  • You can discuss the tradeoff between software architectural choices, both on a theoretical level and on an applied level.

  • We are looking for team players with natural product intuition who can work harder, faster, and smarter without sacrificing technical excellence.

  • You will collaborate in quarter planning, planning sprints, and participating in retrospective meetings.

  • You will participate in the interview process for our software engineering candidates.

  • You will be responsible for your team's career development.

  • You understand the bigger picture of how your technical contributions will impact the products. The other members of the team can depend on the quality of your work to rapidly advance our goals.

  • You strive on proving that technical and leadership matters are not conflicting and that you can develop both at the same time.

  • You feel ownership over everything you ship; you'd never call code or design “released” until you're satisfied it's correct. You pride yourself on efficient monitoring, thorough documentation, and proper test coverage.

Requirements / Skills

  • Bachelor's degree in CE, CS, or a related field and preferably a master's degree.

  • 3+ years of professional software development experience.

  • Skills in coding and debugging: You have advanced knowledge of at least one programming language and are happy to learn more.

  • Experience with Data Structures or Algorithms. (i.e., completing a data structures or algorithms class, individual projects, internships, or other practical experience inside or outside of school or work)

  • Experience in team leadership.

  • Expert in Software Architecture.

  • Experience with database design.

  • Experience with Linux or Unix operating systems.

  • Familiar with Production-Grade Orchestration.

Introduction تپسی

  • تپسی یک سامانه هوشمند درخواست خودرو است که فعالیت خود را از خرداد سال ۱۳۹۵ و با هدف سفری راحت و ارزان برای مسافران آغاز کرده است. این اپلیکیشن جذاب که توسط شرکت پیشگامان فن‌آوری و دانش آرامیس طراحی شده است، با حذف تمامی واسطه‌های سنتی هزینه سفرهای درون‌شهری را تا سطح قابل توجهی کاهش می‌دهد و اکنون با حضور در شهرهای بزرگ ایران، مهره‌ای مهم در صنعت حمل و نقل هوشمند کشور است. به عبارت دیگر، تپسی فقط یک واسطه بین راننده و مسافر است که در همان ابتدا کرایه را به توافق مسافر و راننده می‌رساند و تمامی چانه‌زنی‌ و درگیری‌های لفظی بین آنها را تقریبا به صفر می‌رساند. شرکت تپسی با استفاده از به‌روزترین فناوری‌ها سعی دارد تا فرایند درخواست سفر را سرعت ببخشید تا علاوه‌بر اتلاف وقت کمتر، کیفیت بهتر و هزینه‌های منصفانه‌تر را برای مسافران ایجاد کند.

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