Job Opportunity : Data Engineer ( One Month ago )

Company : NAK


Seniority Level:

Expert , Experienced


Job Category:



Job Type:

Full Time

Salary :


Tehran | No.2, at the entrance of Zayandehrood alley, Mollasadra street, Vanak square, Tehran ,Iran


Degree Level

Bachelor's degree Master's Degree


No Difference


Between 2 and 5 years In Relevant field

Required Skills:

Familiar with the concepts and characteristics of the big data

Familiar with macro concepts and tools

Familiar with the NoSQL database

Familiar with and having experience in the infrastructure of distributed systems, especially the following software is an advantage:

Hadoop Map / Reduce

HBase / Cassandra

Elasticsearch / Solr

Kafka/ ActiveMq/ RabbitMq

Hazelcast / Redis

Familiar with Linux

Familiar with Git


100 % Complete
100 % Complete
100 % Complete

Soft Skills

Strategic thinking

Problem-solving and decision-making

Creativity and innovation


Installation and commissioning of Big Data tools

Implement data analysis infrastructure requirements

Development and improvement of data infrastructure architecture, data quality, data monitoring and access

Collaborate with data scientists to implement advanced analytics algorithms

Continuous improvement of reporting and process analysis processes

شروع کنید (ارسال رزومه)

About Company

Naghshe Aval Keyfiat Company (NAK) is a provider of telecommunication and IT managed services aiming to localize providing the technical and engineering services of telecommunication and IT industry in the country which was established in 2011. Services of the company include management of needed activities throughout the life cycle of telecommunication and IT services. The most important activities include designing, implementation and maintenance service, project implementation as Full Turn Key projects either as a contractor or as a venture partner which decreases operational risk, enhances operational excellence, reduces operational and capital costs significantly and finally guarantees and enhances reliability of our key customers. NAK is a service provider of managed telecommunication services. Using efficient, young human forces with internal motivation besides having global technology and knowledge as the main driver for providing the services in addition to usage of modern systems and processes guarantee provision of desired services and continuous improvement.

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