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Hiring Senior Test Engineer

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Job Description / Tasks

Job Responsibilities:

  • Work in the capacity of an onsite Senior automation QA by developing automation strategy and testing strategies.

  • Work closely with the Product Design & client facing teams to gather and verify requirements for test scenarios that match customer use cases.

  • Lead, direct and coach junior Test Engineers; ensure testing and automation of functional areas is complete, tracked & on time.

  • Ability to perform requirement analysis to find issues early in the software development phase.

  • Able to develop a test plan & test and release approach/strategies and release sign off documents.

  • Able to develop complex testing strategies for every story and write test cases from requirements.

  • Find potential bugs in and properly report them.

  • Familiar and hands on with QA testing tools and adopt QA processes. Create, manage, and maintain test projects and test suites in the testing tools.

  • Responsible to run end to end test cases working together with other test engineers and internal teams to ensure those test cases are automated and are part of CD.

  • Good problem-solving skills – should be able to dive deep and provide root cause and resolve technical issues or tools related issues.

Requirements / Skills


  • 4+ years of experience in the software as Senior automation Test Engineer

  • Test design, writing test cases and working with test management tools like TestRail

  • SQL

  • Essential Linux commands

  • Working with version control applications like Git

  • Python Programming language

  • Concepts of web-based applications and APIs

  • Software debugging skills

  • Automation testing frameworks like Robot Framework.

  • Web automation test tools like Selenium.

  • Mobile app automation test tools like Appium.

  • Containers, Docker, CI/CD concepts, and related subjects

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or a relevant field

  • Minimum of 5-years of experience in automating software tests, preferably in an agile environment

  • Strong analytical view with a problem-solving attitude

  • Teamwork skills including communication ski

Introduction نوبیتکس

  • آینده از اینجا شروع میشه نوبیتکس بزرگ‌ترین بازار مبادله رمزارزها در ایرانه که از سال ۱۳۹۶ شروع به کار کرد. ما در نوبیتکس تلاش می‌کنیم تا کاربران ایرانی به سادگی دارایی‌های دیجیتال خودشون رو معامله یا نگهداری کنن. اینجا هر چالش به معنی فرصت برای رشد بیشتره و ما در سخت‌ترین شرایط امیدوارانه به راه خودمون ادامه می‌دیم. ارزهای دیجیتال بخش مهمی از آینده هستن و ما برای تحقق این آینده تلاش می‌کنیم. پس اگه دوست داری توی دنیای آینده کار کنی؛ جات اینجا خالیه.

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