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Job Opportunity : Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management Expert ( Expired )

Company : Jiring


Seniority Level:



Job Category:

IT - Software & Web


Job Type:

Full Time

Salary :


Tehran | No. 263, Molla sadra St. Tehran,IR Iran.


Field of Study

Degree Level

Bachelor's degree Master's Degree

Age Range

30 To 35 Year


No Difference


Between 5 and 7 years In related fields
40% Complete

Soft Skills

Communications skill

Strategic thinking





Problem-solving and decision-making

Creativity and innovation



Team work

Conflict Management



The Role

• Establishing and formulating RA & Fraud Management procedures and strategies.

• Define, implement and manage RAFM functions and operation.

• Review all major revenue leakages and advise on best practices for resolution and future mitigation.

• Define and standardize Fraud incident categorization and reporting to top management across the organization.

• Ensure that fraud cases are identified and solved within expected time frame

• Improve company overall RAFM maturity level through strengthening core capabilities in both primary and secondary control environments.

• Provide leadership, direction and consultation in the avoidance of financial loss and prevention of fraud throughout the company.

• Perform feasibility, bill-ability and collection review on new product and service, and also control over technical and financial system application relating to the new product

• Executing assigned audit tasks in order to coordinate and consult the business owner

About Company

Jiring is the commercial brand of Pardakht-Awal-Kish. All the financial services on MCI (Mobile Communication Company of Iran - First Operator) platform is assigned to jiring. Based on market studies in 2009, MCI found out a need in the market that more than 70% of the population was un(der)banked. Considering the 40 million MCI subscriber, the company decided to deploy mobile financial services for the unbanked and introduced jiring wallet to the market which resulted in establishing a new company as an MCI subordinate. "jiring" is the sound of the coins when they drop or hit each other and "jiringi" is an expression of instant payment in Persian culture. After one year of operation in the market, jiring offered financial services through alliance with banks and subscribers could do their financial transactions with ALL banking cards. Contact-less payment methods like QRcode and NFC are the current projects of jiring.

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