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Hiring Product Manager

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Job Description / Tasks

Main responsibilities:

• Drive the product and business-planning process across cross-functional teams of the company
• Analyze consumer needs, current market trends, and potential partnerships from an ROI and build vs. buy perspective
• Assess current competitor offerings, seeking opportunities for differentiation
• Analyze product requirements and develop appropriate programs and manage product backlog to ensure they’re successful achieved.
• Develop, implement, and maintain production timelines across multiple departments
• Appraise new product ideas and strategize appropriate to-market plans

Daily and Monthly Responsibilities:

• Translate product strategy into detailed requirements for prototype construction and final product development by engineering teams
• Create product strategy documents that describe business cases, high-level use cases, technical requirements, revenue, and ROI
• Analyze market data to develop sales strategies, and define product objectives for effective marketing communications plans
• Collaborate closely with engineering, production, marketing, and sales teams on the development, QA, and release of products and balance of resources to ensure success for the entire organization
• Develop product positioning and messaging about product's features across primary market segments

Requirements / Skills

Required Skills and Qualifications:

• Bachelor’s degree in product design or engineering
• Strong experience in a dynamic product management role
• Proven experience overseeing all elements of the product development lifecycle
• Highly effective cross-functional team management
• Previous experience delivering finely-tuned product marketing strategies
• Exceptional writing and editing skills combined with strong presentation and public speaking skills

Preferred Qualifications:

• Master’s degree in MBA or computer science
• Previous software and web development experience
• Proven experience working as a product developer in a non-managerial role
• Demonstrable knowledge in SEM and online advertising

Introduction کارگزاری فارابی

  • هلدینگ خدمات مالی فارابی از سال ۸۷ با نام تجاری کارگزاری فارابی فعالیت خود را آغاز نموده و هم اکنون یکی از پنج کارگزار برتر بازار سرمایه ایران است. کارگزاری فارابی با بیش از ۶۰ نمایندگی؛ ۵۰۰ همکار و ۵ شرکت تابعه یکی از موسسات مالی بزرگ فعال در بازار سرمایه می باشد.چشم انداز شرکت ما تبدیل شدن به یک موسسه مالی جهان تراز است و تمرکزمان بر توسعه فناوری‌های نوین در بازار سرمایه می‌باشد.تیم کاری ما متشکل از افراد جوان؛ متخصص و یادگیرنده‌ای است که با تلاش و کوشش شبانه‌روزی خود توانسته‌اند ما را به‌عنوان شرکتی فناوری محور؛ مشتری مدار و نوآور در بازار سرمایه ایران به شهرت برسانند. ما همواره مشتاق حضور همکارانی خوب؛ متخصص و پرتلاش در تیم‌مان بوده و قدردان زحمات آنان در کارشان هستیم.

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