Job Opportunity : Content Manager ( 3 Days ago )

Company : Sabaidea


Seniority Level:

Experienced , Mid-Level Management


Job Category:

Digital marketing-Produce content


Job Type:

Full Time

Salary :


Tehran | Zafar St, Tehran, Iran


Degree Level

Bachelor's degree Master's Degree

Age Range

35 To 25 Year


No Difference


Between 5 and 7 years In Video content

Knowledge of SEO and understanding measurement tools.

Fluently working with social media platforms and digital means of communication.

Partnerships with the design team and product marketing

Negotiation Skills, Presentations Skills, Business intelligence, Persuasion, Active Listening, Tech Savvy


Team and training camps twice a year

Amenities, sports and leisure facilities

Birthday celebrations, events, and domestic campaigns

Lunch and breakfast

Proximity to public transportation

Remote working, flexible working hours and functional rewards


100 % Complete
copy-writing skill
100 % Complete

Soft Skills

Team work

Problem-solving and decision-making

Creativity and innovation


Develop content strategy aligned with both short-term and long-term marketing goals

Identify opportunities across relevant functions and businesses to improve customer experience

Define content success metrics, ensure that content effectiveness is measured

Develop and maintain an editorial calendar for content publishing.

Content production flow management in Aparat.

Supervise and plan the team activities

Lead efforts to evaluate and evolve the content strategy as goals change

Monitor web and mobile traffic to identify best practices and ways to increase organic traffic and user engagement metrics

Manage content resources and proofread and approve all their material before it publishes in Aparat.

Implementing content quality assurance standards and evaluating the quality

working on various content types

شروع کنید (ارسال رزومه)

About Company

SabaIdea envisions to create the best user experience and added value in the technology-based businesses, not only as a pioneer in the IT sector but as the most popular knowledge-based company in Iran. Our services: Aparat, Filimo, Sabavision, cinematicket

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