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Job Opportunity : Requirement Analyzer ( One Month ago )

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Full Time

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Tehran | shahid beheshti st.



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Considering the importance of daily improvements and optimization upon Dorhato services there is an immediate need of designing and implementing a Change Control Process to maintain, monitor and measure the changes according to every particular change request that’s been made about the services.

The Role of a Requirement Analyzer is considered to join the Dorhato technical team in order to handle every step of change control process based on Change Control Board’s decisions as the steps below,

1) Clarification of every change request by investigations

2) Collaborating with Change Control Board in order to make best response to the change request

3) Keep track of implementation of every change on every component down to the coding level

(He/she is supposed to make a matrix of requirements which specifies every logical relationship between Components which are engaged in every considered feature to change)

4) Making the proper documentation for whole process based on organizational regulations

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