Digital Campaign Designer


One Month ago

  • Full Time
  • Negotiable
  • Digital marketing-Produce content
  • Tehran
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  • Between 2 and 5 years Inadvertisign agency
  • please send us a portfolio link from promotional content and campaigns that you have been involved in as a scenarist.


At Sabavison Advertisign Agency, we intend to invite a creative partner to our campaign team our partner will specialize in the following areas: Experienced in in creating online advertising campaigns Fluent in writing slogans and promotional Tagline Fluent in writing teaser and motion graphics scenarios The profession in producing promotional content for social media

Soft Skills

  • Team work
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Flexibility

معرفی صبا ایده
  • Sabavison Advertisign Agency

امکانات شرکت

  • کتابخانه

  • نزدیکی به وسایل حمل و نقل

  • ناهار

  • صبحانه

  • دورکاری

  • ساعات کاری منعطف

  • پاداش عملکردی

  • جشن‌های تولد

  • تسهیلات رفاهی

  • اردوهای تیمی و آموزشی

  • تسهیلات ورزشی

  • بیمه تکمیلی

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