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پیگیری قطعی

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Job Description / Tasks

We are looking for the right QA specialist to join our team of innovative experts and seek viable solutions to real-world problems. You will have the chance to develop customized testing procedures and oversee projects from initial testing through delivery. As a QA specialist you will be responsible for planning and implementing of tests that prove the functional requirements of the system.

Requirements / Skills

  • Create test cases and execute tests to identify software defects.

  • Collaborate with Support team by validating and reproducing issues identified by customers; document new test cases based on issues identified in production environments.

  • Be part of a Scrum team and execute tests for tasks marked as ready for QA; document test cases for new features. Job Skills & Qualifications Required: 

  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering, information technology, computer science, or similar field

  • 3+ years of experience in carrying out independent QA specialist responsibilities 

  • Experience testing browser-based and mobile applications

  • Experience in regression testing

  • Analyze functional and technical requirements and translate them into manual test scenarios

  • Need Experience in Manual Testing with Strong Agile concepts 

  • Experience with SQL and database concepts (basic to intermediate SQL queries) 

  • Participate in the development of our testing process and strategy for ongoing and new projects

  • Ability to quickly understand the business processes.

  • Ability to interact with developers to understand, define, and document functional testing requirements for existing web application software

  • Experience using defect tracking solutions (such as JIRA) strongly preferred.

Introduction تجارت آسان ساز نگین

  • شرکت آسان پرداخت (آپ) با هدف گسترش و تسهیل خدمات پرداخت الکترونیک در اردیبهشت سال ۸۸ تاسیس گردید. این شرکت بگونه ای طراحی شده تا با بکارگیری تجهیزات و ابزار به روز دنیا در برگیرنده طیف وسیعتری از انواع پرداخت الکترونیک باشد. آپ با عضویت در شاپرک و تحت نظارت بانک مرکزی، مجوز فعالیت در حوزه پرداختهای الکترونیک کشور در بسترهایی نظیر پایانه فروش (POS)، موبایل (USSD) و اینترنت(IPG) را کسب نموده است.

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