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sam sair

Job Opportunity : accountant ( One Month ago )

Company : sam sair


Seniority Level:

Fresh Graduate , Expert , Experienced , Mid-Level Management


Job Category:

Accounting & Auditing


Job Type:

Full Time

Salary :


Tehran | Sam Seir Travel Agency, opposite of Modaress Hospital, Saadat Abad St, Saadat Abad, Tehran - IRAN


Field of Study

Degree Level

Bachelor's degree Master's Degree

Age Range

30 To 21 Year


No Difference


Between 2 and 5 years

good knowledge in English


60% Complete

Soft Skills

Team work





•Main Responsibilities:

-Interact with companies and airlines

-Create, complete, and manage accurate and timely reports

-Perform other duties and responsibilities

-Reporting to: Manager

-Customer support activities

-Working Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 17:00 p.m.

*Number required: 1

*Duration: 1 year contract

شروع کنید (ارسال رزومه)

About Company

Sam Sair Services Co. (PJS) located at Tehran, Sadat Abad St., in a 4 stories building owned by members of the board of directors, founded in 2004 registered under No. 236992, as a member of IATA, holds grade A license of CAO organization, and grade B license of Iranian Cultural Heritage & Tourism Organization (ICHTO), and is a member of IATA. Members of the board of directors, Mr. Sam Hosseini as chairman of the board and the Managing Director, Mr. GholamrezaDehdariNasab as Vice-Chairman of the board, Mr. Iraj Baba Ahmadi and Mrs. PoopakFahimi as members of the board, together with 50 other personnel are presently working with Sam Sair Travel Service Co. This agency is ranked among the top 10 leading travel agencies in regards with ticket selling, in Iran, as well as arranging direct tours to Europe including, Italy, Greece, Spain , Hungary and also other countries such as Mauritius Island, South Africa, Brazil, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Turkey, Dubai and Thailand. The company has more than 60 employee

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